Keenan and Meier manufactures & delivers high quality aluminum HVAC round and rectangular dampers at competitive prices. Our dampers are all engineered to combine strength and durability in the use of providing controlled airflow against drafts. Our dampers are available in several styles to satisfy your engineering specifications. Our louvers will meet all of your needs and specifications. In addition to our damper product line, you may also order our dampers with motorization capabilities. Heating and air conditioning are just some of the common uses for our products.


3000 Series Dampers


3000 Catalog Sheet

Rectangular Dampers

3100 Series Dampers

3100 Catalog Sheet

3200 Series Dampers

3200 Catalog Sheet

3000, 3100 & 3200 Series
Damper Positions
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3300 Series Dampers

3300 PDF Catalog Sheet

3400 Series Dampers

3400 PDF Catalog Sheet

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For 3300 & 3400 Damper Positions

3500 Series Dampers

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3600 Series Round Dampers

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